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LendAmi Helps Simba the Rescue Cat Run Again

How one passionate animal rescuer handled an unexpected vet bill while unemployed.


Simba, the rescue cat, was an abuse case taken in by Elizabeth Denis of Jacksonville, Florida.  Warned that he could be a bit unruly, Elizabeth quickly learned that Simba was a perfect gentleman so perhaps his prior home was a bit unruly.


Later, though, Elizabeth realized that Simba was developing what quickly became a large tumor on his front leg.  At the veterinarian, she learned that Simba’s tumor was cancerous and that it had begun to spread into his bone.  At this point complete leg amputation was recommended and Elizabeth was told “You can do the surgery or put him to sleep.”  


For Elizabeth, saying goodbye to Simba, who was only 10 years old, was certainly out of the question.  Unfortunately, due to COVID, she had been out of work for a few months and could not afford the surgery which would cost $1219.  “I was out of work for so long due to COVID and I couldn’t get a vet or anyone to help me.  I called around but vet clinics wouldn’t help with payments and I couldn’t get a loan from a bank.  I had no income so couldn’t even get a bad credit loan.”

Faced with a terminal decision and short on time, Elizabeth turned to GoFundMe but that produced limited results.  It just wasn’t providing enough of the money that she needed and fast.


That’s when Elizabeth’s friend Kaajal stepped in.  “Have you heard of LendAmi?” she asked.  “Using LendAmi’s online platform I can loan you the final $900 you need for Simba and we can use LendAmi to track the loan and you can pay me back.”   Agreeing immediately, Elizabeth and Kaajal grabbed their smartphones and set up their loan terms together including interest rate and repayment schedule.   “I was so worried about Simba but LendAmi was really easy and self-explanatory to set up and use” said Elizabeth. 

After Elizabeth calling numerous veterinary surgeons to find just the right one, three weeks ago Simba had a very successful surgery at MuraBella Animal Hospital in St. Augustine Florida.  “I can’t say enough about the care Simba received at MuraBella.  The surgeon even checked in on us after the surgery to make sure Simba was doing OK.”


His twenty-five wound staples have recently been removed and Simba’s now down to sixteen pounds from a high of eighteen.  “I guess his leg and shoulder were two pounds!” Elizabeth joked.  “He’s walking around and doing great with the other rescue cats and dog in the house.”    

“Kaajal turned me on to LendAmi.  I didn’t know what to do or where to go.  I’m definitely going to pay her back and I’m not going to let her down.  I appreciate her so much and I thank you, LendAmi, for developing a system that can do this.”

Simba The Cat Post Surgery
Simba sporting a cozy sweater while relaxing with his rescue buddy post-surgery

Now that Elizabeth is back to work, her loan repayment deductions have just started to take place from her bank account directly to Kaajal’s.  “Another thing I love is that I get text messages that remind me when a payment is due and another when it’s been processed.  So,  A+ A+!”


And what does Simba think about all this?  “Simba’s doing great – he actually runs really fast on three legs!  He’s no longer licking his leg constantly and now he just purrs all the time.” 


A+ A+ indeed!

How can LendAmi help your animal rescue organization?


LendAmi is a great way for those involved in animal rescue and pet owners in general to borrow from friends or family when emergency vet bills arise.  The flexibility of payment terms, lack of credit check and more personal experience of two friends helping each other serves to provide an easy as well as a safe, secure and responsible way to provide an emergency loan in support of our furry friends.


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