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Recover Aging Accounts Receivable with Automated Recurring Payment Plans

Easy Setup

No Cost for Most Businesses

Even the Best Customers Sometimes Get Behind

LendAmi makes it easier for your customers to pay their aging invoices

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Real World Problems Exist

Life can be unpredictable.  Customers, through no fault of their own, sometimes get behind in paying their suppliers or service providers on time.  Cash flow may be unexpectedly tight but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to pay you.


By using LendAmi to setup a recurring payment plan, you can help your customers get back on track and ensure that your revenue stream is more predictable.

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Business shutdowns started catching up with us and our cash flow was half of what it typically is.  Our main supplier was willing to work with us using LendAmi so that we could cover our obligations allowing us to catch up in about four months.  It felt great knowing that there was such a solution under the current circumstances.

– William C.

Reduce Uncollected Accounts Receivable

Setup Individual Payment Plans on Demand to Accommodate Customer Needs

Set Your Terms

You determine the terms such as interest rate charged, payment frequency and number of payments

Payment Reminders 

LendAmi sends payment reminders to your customers so you don’t have to

Scheduled Payments

Automatic payments are made and deposited to you via bank ACH

Example Recurring Payments Using LendAmi

LendAmi Set Loan Terms Screen

Client owes you remaining $5,000 from products delivered

They agree to pay you back over the next 6 months along with 12.5% interest

The total received for your $5,000 over 6 months is $5,183.87 including principal and 12.5% interest

Business Benefits

Resolve overdue amounts amicably

Reduce difficult conversations by setting up easy automatic recurring payments until your overdue receivables are recovered

LendAmi fees paid by your customer

Most businesses incur no costs using LendAmi

Earn interest on Payments

Apply interest rate charges to your customer’s recurring payments

Easy tracking dashboard

Track all customer recurring payment plans in a single, easy-to-view desktop and mobile-enabled platform

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For customers that I know are hurting right now, I have spaced out their payments so that they can make them over time.  This way I know how much is coming and when.  Otherwise, I may never see my past-due revenue.

– Rodrigo G.