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Track Loans Safely and Securely

Personal loans transacted between family and friends is into the $ Billions each year.  Sadly, almost half of all personal loans end up in bad outcomes.  The original loan is paid back only partially or not all resulting in hurt feelings, a loss of trust and ruined relationships.  LendAmi wants to help fix all that.


Using our platform, LendAmi helps people transact personal loans between family and friends in a manner that meets legal regulations and results in good outcomes for both borrower and lender.

Friends Fist Bump Loan

Avoid Risky Verbal Loans

Sometimes a fist bump just doesn’t do it.  Clearly document your loan’s amount, interest and repayment terms. Our easy-to-use online dashboard automatically updates your loan’s amortization table so that both parties can track progress.


You can even track & pay back pre-existing loans.  Transfer that verbal agreement to a tracked one and implement automatic repayments using LendAmi’s pre-existing loan feature.  You can even backdate interest payments (if you really wanted to.)

Setup Automatic Payments to Avoid Awkwardness

Loan payments show up automatically from borrower to lender using bank transfers.  This helps prevent any awkwardness or unpleasantness due to late or non-payment.  Choose from weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly or even yearly or lump sum payback schedules.  Still, we know life happens so we offer the flexibility of skip payments, payment forgiveness and loan forgiveness.

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Follow Federal & State Guidelines

Safety first.  Built into our software is the ability to select an interest rate that meets both Federal minimum interest rates and your state’s maximum interest rate requirements for personal loans*.  You choose.


*LendAmi always recommends that if you have questions about interest rates that you check with a qualified attorney in your state.

Avoid Gift Tax Consequences

Helping someone with a down payment on a home can be a tax consequence if the Government deems it a gift.  Avoid paying taxes on your generosity by providing the money in the form of a low-interest loan.  To prove that the loan is not a gift, the Feds want it documented.

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Download Your Agreement for Free

Other services charge $49 to $100 for a copy of your loan agreement.  With LendAmi it’s free.  Using clear and simple language, it can be downloaded, printed and signed by both parties if desired.

Costs As Low As An ATM Transaction

LendAmi charges a very low 2.5% transaction fee for each bank transaction between borrower and lender.  A very small price for a very large return – safe and secure loans with desirable outcomes.

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