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Need Assistance with Your DriveItAway Vehicle Deposit?

LendAmi & DriveItAway want to help you get into your new car faster.


No credit checks! YOU set the terms as low as 2.0%*!

Use LendAmi to ask a friend for a small loan & then pay them back.


Try before you buy your new car when using DriveItAway and LendAmi!

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LendAmi made it easier for me to ask for a loan.  My friend trusts that I will pay them back because everything is transparent and we agree on the terms.

– Darren W.

LendAmi & DriveItAway

LendAmi makes it easier for car buyers to get the loan they need:

Friends Want to Help

Ask friends or family for a loan to cover your DriveItAway deposit

Borrow Responsibly

Pay back your friend on time using LendAmi bank transfers

No Credit Check

Get in your car faster even with no credit or poor credit

You Decide the Terms

Choose Your Loan Amount

Transact loans between $50 – $5000

Choose Your Interest Rate

Interest rates starting at 2% and within state usury guardrails

Choose Payment Frequency

Select from one-time, weekly, bi-weekly & monthly payments

Choose Number of Payments

Choose how many payments you want to make

Example Loan Using LendAmi

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You borrow $500 from your friend to cover your DriveItAway vehicle deposit

You agree to pay them back $50 every two weeks along with 5% interest

The total amount paid for your $500 loan is only $517.90 including loan amount, 5% interest and small 2.5% LendAmi transaction fee

I didn’t have the deposit amount yet but my friend Sasha helped me out and we used LendAmi to track the loan so that I could pay her back on time.  LendAmi gave me a way to get into my new car faster!

– Julie P.

Users Love LendAmi

LendAmi users love being able to:

Choose their own terms

Track the loan together online

Receive text reminders when payments are due

Schedule automatic payments using bank transfers

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Start Your Loan & Get In Your New Car Today!

Borrow from a Friend
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*Disclaimer: LendAmi is not a lender.  LendAmi does not match lenders with borrowers.  LendAmi is a platform that allows two parties that already know each other to negotiate their own loan terms including loan amount, interest rate and repayment schedule and then track that loan together.  Since LendAmi is not party to any loans transacted on its platform, LendAmi is not involved in choosing, approving or agreeing to loan terms.  LendAmi does not run credit checks, enforce the payment of loans from one party to another or report to credit bureaus.  The LendAmi platform allows users to track loans between $50 – $5000.  Users choose and agree to their own interest rate within their local guidelines and determine the length of the loan.  LendAmi allows users to choose payment schedules that are weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually or lump sum with no restrictions on loan length.  Users will be able to view an amortization schedule showing the total cost of the loan.  An example loan in the amount of $1000 payable in monthly installments over a 12-month period at 5.75% interest will cost the borrower a total of $1057.20 including interest and platform fees.  Users must be 18 years of age or older to use LendAmi.  LendAmi may or may not operate in your State or US. Territory and its availability is subject to change.

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