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Use the LendAmi Personal Loan Calculator to Generate a Payment & Amortization Table

It’s easy to transact a personal loan between family and friends with the LendAmi personal loan calculator and amortization table tool.

To Get Started:


  1. Enter the amount of the personal loan. 
  2. Specify the number of months needed to pay back the loan.  
  3. Enter the annual interest rate of the loan.  
  4. Choose whether payments will be made at the beginning or end of the month.  
  5. Press Calc(ulate). 
  6. Payment Schedule will show you an amortization schedule
  7. Charts will show you how much interest vs. principal gets paid every year

Loan Calculator

Personal Loan Resources


What interest rate should I enter into the personal loan calculator?  The US Federal Government posts a monthly minimum interest rate to charge for personal loans.


How to I avoid tax consequences? View the Federal Government’s FAQ on gift taxes.


For additional guidance, view average bank personal loan interest rates by credit score.

Personal Loan Agreement

Once you’ve determined your loan terms using our personal loan calculator, use our handy Personal Loan Agreement form to document and get started with your friends and family personal loan.