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LendAmi Enhances Capabilities to Serve Hispanic Americans

MIAMI, Florida – October 19, 2020 /To accommodate the more than 41 Million people in the US who speak Spanish at home, LendAmi has enabled Spanish for its person-to-person lending platform.  “After Mexico, the US has the highest number of Spanish speakers in the world.  It is natural for us to enhance our service to better enable Spanish-speakers to use LendAmi to transact loans with family and friends” said co-founder Vikas Rijsinghani.  “Research shows that there is a strong contingent of Spanish speakers in the US who transact off-the-books loans with people they know and now we will be better able to serve them.”


Using LendAmi, people who know each other can transact a loan by setting up terms, determining payment schedule and linking banks for easy, automatic scheduled bank ACH transfers from person to person.  By enabling Spanish within the platform, users who prefer transacting in that language will have a more comfortable user experience even if transacting a loan with a user who prefers to transact in English.  All application screens, SMS and email communications will be delivered in the user’s preferred language.

LendAmi Home Screen in Spanish

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