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DriveItAway Partners with LendAmi to Help Buyers with No Down Payment or Credit, Buy Any Vehicle

HADDONFIELD, NEW JERSEY, US – November 24, 2020 / EINPresswire / — DriveItAway, the industry leader in automotive retailer mobility platforms, with a focus on rent-to-own car dealer technology, has partnered with LendAmi, the person-to-person platform that helps people borrow from their friends safely, securely and responsibly.


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LendAmi Launches Expanded Capabilities for Friends & Family Recurring Payments Platform

MIAMI, Florida – October 21, 2020 /

Responding to consumer demand, LendAmi has expanded its person-to-person loan tracking platform capabilities.  Newly added to the offering lineup which already includes setting up, tracking and initiating recurring payments for new loans between two parties who know each other are:


  • The ability to set up recurring scheduled payments for a pre-existing loan
  • The ability to set up recurring payments for an item being bought and sold between two parties


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LendAmi Enhances Capabilities to Serve Hispanic Americans

MIAMI, Florida – October 19, 2020 / – To accommodate the more than 41 Million people in the US who speak Spanish at home, LendAmi has enabled Spanish for its person-to-person lending platform.  “After Mexico, the US has the highest number of Spanish speakers in the world.  It is natural for us to enhance our service to better enable Spanish-speakers to use LendAmi to transact loans with family and friends” said co-founder Vikas Rijsinghani.


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LendAmi Home Screen in Spanish

New LendAmi Platform Simplifies Loaning Money to Friends & Family

MIAMI, Florida – July 14, 2020 /PRNewswire/ – An estimated $288 Billion in person-to-person loans is transacted each year in the U.S., much of that through verbal agreements.  Of those loans, almost 50% are only partially paid back or not at all resulting in hurt feelings, damaged relationships and unwillingness to loan again.  Helping to solve this problem, LendAmi has introduced an easy online person-to-person platform that allows people to loan money to each other in a safe, secure and responsible manner.  Using LendAmi’s secure platform, borrowers and lenders negotiate terms, set up automatic bank ACH transfers and track the life of the loan.


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