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Create On-The-Fly Payment Plans for Customers Using Auto-Pay Electronic Checks

Expand Your Customer Base

Capture Late Revenue

LendAmi has reduced my stress making it easier for me to collect past due amounts from clients.  Recurring payments made via automatic bank transfers means I get paid on schedule.  My clients are happy and I’m finally getting paid.

– Sofia W.

Setup Your Own Recurring Payments Plan

LendAmi makes it easy for you to capture more customers & collect on overdue invoices

Gain More Clients

Sometimes landing that new client means offering a payment schedule.  Credit cards can charge high merchant rates but, using LendAmi, you can reduce your costs and offer clients an easy way to pay you over time.

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Recover Overdue Payments

Contacting your trusted customers over late payments can be awkward and frustrating.  Sometimes, customers are simply unable to pay on time and in full.  LendAmi can help you set up scheduled payment plans.

Setup recurring payments for overdue invoices

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The LendAmi Solution

LendAmi’s mobile payments platform can handle automated recurring payments from your customers

Set Your Terms

Mutually agreed upon terms including interest rate, payment frequency and term length

Reminders Sent

Payment reminders are sent via SMS by LendAmi so you don’t have to

Automatic Payments

Payments are automatically made via bank ACH at no cost to you

Our Technology

LendAmi Set Loan Terms Screen

FinTech for Small Business

Leverage the power of the latest mobile-enabled FinTech solutions to propel your business with the ability to setup and accept recurring payments.  

Superior Technology Providers

LendAmi uses FinTech providers Plaid and Dwolla to validate user identities  and complete secure bank ACH transactions.  

Two-Factor Authentication

We take user security seriously.  Our use of 2FA and OTP provides a greater layer of protection for our users than single password alone.

For customers that I know are hurting right now, I have spaced out their payments so that they can make them over time.  This way I know how much is coming and when.  Otherwise, I may never see my past-due revenue.

– Rodrigo G.

Example Recurring Payments Using LendAmi

Mobile Money Transfer Icon

Client owes you remaining $2,500 from services rendered

They agree to pay you back over the next 6 months along with 8% interest

The total received for your $2,500 over 6 months is $2,558.65 including principal and 8% interest

LendAmi Benefits

Expand your potential customer base

Attract viable customers who may need a payment plan

Reduce late payment conversations

Automated reminders and bank transfers lessen the need for payment follow-up, reducing difficult conversations

Avoid credit card fees

Merchant fees for credit card payments can cost you 2 – 4% of your revenue. With LendAmi, the party making the payments covers the low 2.5% platform fee

Charge Interest

Apply interest rate charges to recurring payments

Track all activity online

Track all recurring payment plans in a single, easy-to-view desktop and mobile-enabled platform

English & Spanish

Serve English & Spanish speaking customers using our bi-lingual recurring payments platform

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