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Easy Recurring Payments for Loans

LendAmi serves individuals, suppliers & service providers and partner resellers

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People who know each other use LendAmi to structure a loan agreement and then transact it online using automatic bank transfers for things like starting a business, medical costs, rent, utility bills and auto payments.


By using LendAmi to formalize a personal loan, friends and family can document, fund, pay back and track online securely.

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Suppliers & Service Providers

Businesses use LendAmi to set up recurring payment plans for their customers for things like custom projects, supply deliveries and overdue invoices.


LendAmi helps businesses service more customers and recover past due customer obligations in an easy, unbelievably low-cost way.

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Partner Resellers

Partners leverage LendAmi’s platform so that their customers can get the extra cash they need when working with the partner.


LendAmi enables resellers to gain more customers with things like down payments or upgrades.

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For customers that I know are hurting right now, I have spaced out their payments so that they can make them over time.  This way I know how much is coming and when.  Otherwise, I may never see my past-due revenue.

– Rodrigo G.